Before Buying an Apartment in Istanbul, You Need to Know This

buy an apartment in Istanbul

Before Buying an Apartment in Istanbul, You Need to Know This

Buy an Apartment in Istanbul – Turkish Real Estate

Now you are thinking to buy an apartment in Istanbul, because you heard a lot about Turkish real estate market.

You started to look around and search on internet on:

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That’s good step to start you buying process to find offers as much as you can and compare between.

But First!! you need to read and know more about Istanbul..

What You Have to Know about Istanbul Real Estate?

what’s the best way to go about buy an apartment in Istanbul and what are the things you need to look out for? We put together some essential tips before you make a major investment in the Turkish city.

Getting Started

You are a foreign citizen and mostly you are allowed to buy a property in Turkey according to Turkish law, however, it’s wise to start you search for a property with a good consultant before you make a decision.

Once you’ve really decided what kind of apartment you’re looking, make sure you’re contacting a local real estate consultant.

There are a vast amount of places for sale, but a real estate agent will help you sift through to find a good match.


Which Real Estate Agent?

You want to buy an apartment in Istanbul but Mostly you can’t speak Turkish, then you can check trustworthy websites like Sahibinden and Hürriyet Emlak check some offers.

The agencies also will provide some services for you, first they will provide for you many offers you can choose between, then they will pick you to go and visit the project or the flat you choose.


When choosing a Property?

When you’re inspecting a potential property, make sure that the house has a title deed.

You should also ask whether the structure is resistant against earthquakes, since Istanbul does harbor risk in that area. It’s also important to note that everything about the property, as well as the area around it, should be to your liking, and you should really ask yourself questions regarding how it would feel living there for a long time.

Choosing the Right Neighborhood

Istanbul’s neighborhoods are all different from one another and the price range also changes drastically according to the area. It’s best to take a tour of the city with your consultant in order to decide where you want to live, whether it’s something modest like an older apartment on the Asian side, European Side.

Remember that the west side of Istanbul  can offer a very idyllic lifestyle away from the city (if that’s something you’re looking for).



Which Are The Best Turkish Cities To Buy Property In?Price is important to determinant of the type of properties that expats invest in. Geographical location affects the pricing of a Turkish home.

A two-bedroom apartment in a busy commercial area in Istanbul for example can cost twice as much as a similar property in a quiet rustic area.

  • Istanbul is the largest and the busiest Turkish city. Several global organizations and franchises have branches in the city, which explains why many expats find it favorable to live in.
  • Bodrum comes second to Istanbul. It is a hub for many Polish Turks and other expats who either move here to start new life. Bodrum has its own airport and is lined with luxurious villas and luxury apartments for holiday vacations.


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