Gazi Osman Pasa

Flats for sale in Gazi Osman Pasha, Flats for sale in Istanbul

Osman Nuri Bey then Pasha, Ottoman field marshal. Gaziosmanpaşa is another neighborhood of Istanbul located on the European side. The population became more than 1 million. There are groups of people from different regions, cultures, political background. Gaziosmanpaşa is surrounded with Kağıthane and Maslak from the east direction, Başakşehir from the west side, Eyüp from the south. The area is growing rapidly new projects and buildings are being built there, even the price has been increasing in the past 5 years. Transportation: You will find Metro & Buses station where you can move easily to anywhere in Istanbul. Facilities: You will find many mosques and hospitals like GaziosmanPasha hospital also schools & universities like Tokat GaziosmanPasa University

Flats in The Middle of Istanbul – AIO 233


Flats for sale in the Middle of Istanbul – AIO 233 AIO 233 is way

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