Your Trustful Guide for Buying Property In Turkey

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Your Trustful Guide for Buying Property In Turkey

Turkey – Buying Property

The rules for buying property or property in Turkey as a foreigner are relatively relaxed compared to other countries.

This explains the annual influx of foreign investors rushing to buy land or apartment or house in Turkey. Statistically, foreign-own property rose by 66% in 2013 and growth up every year until 2019.

Fortunately, the Turkish government has few regulations on property ownership as a foreigner. You can buy studio apartments and also luxurious and any kind of property. In addition, Turkish property laws with you.


Investment vs. Residential property ownership

Purchasing property in Turkey can be in two way either on investment or residential demands.

For the expat who is investor in Turkey, investor ownership is a preferable option. Many investor foreign property owners expat running a real estate business from their country of origin.

On the other hand, residential property ownership may apply to the expat either working or having a business in Turkey.

These are commonly the foreigners who run vacation rentals or resorts in Turkey.


Which Are The Best Turkish Cities To Buy Property In?

Price is important to determinant of the type of properties that expats invest in. Geographical location affects the pricing of a Turkish home.

A two-bedroom apartment in a busy commercial area in Istanbul for example can cost twice as much as a similar property in a quiet rustic area.

  • Istanbul is the largest and the busiest Turkish city. Several global organizations and franchises have branches in the city, which explains why many expats find it favorable to live in.
  • Bodrum comes second to Istanbul. It is a hub for many Polish Turks and other expats who either move here to start new life. Bodrum has its own airport and is lined with luxurious villas and luxury apartments for holiday vacations.


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